4708 HAND

Born: 2000 (18 years old) Colour: bay
Breed: high thoroughbred furioso Gender: men
Sizes: 168/179- 194-21,5

This colt stem from valuable mares family “Rikoltó”. This family yielded outstanding steeplechaser and hurdler horses with its high thoroughbred proportion. For example “Jutka”, which female was runner-up in the category of 8 years old mares in her first breeding competition in 1986. Another member of the family “Remény” – which stem from the stallion “Rege” – (Furioso XXIX. Tm.), selves competed in show-jumping. “Akaratos” brought forth the stallions “Akira I.” and “Akira II.” with the parentage of “Furioso XVII. Tm. (Fullajtár)” and “Aladin” with the parentage of “Furioso XIII.” “Rita” – with the parentage of “Korall” – belongs to the half-bred race of “Kisbér”, won show-jumping competitions in her breed. Let me mention the fact that this family of mares have the kind of forbears which members – such as “Krőzus” and “Taucher” – entered for the great steeplechase competiton of Pardubice several times.

The sire of this stallion is “Hand in Glove”. He is an enormous English Thoroughbred stallion who transmitted his good qualities to his posterity very well. He is permitted to serve in more breeds after all in sport horse category. Such as: “Selle”, “France”, “Holsteini”, “Magyar” sport horse. He has the illustrious second place in the world federation of sport horses’ top 10 list of sires in virtue of his progenitures’ sport performance.


It should be noted that it is the desire for the breeders of this type to apply stallions with such a premium ability to work, which ones have a role in several horse breeds of the world as an individual, but the reproduction of this breed is also permitted.
An article published about Hand:

“Pegazus” rider’s newspaper (February, 2008, 4th. grade, 2nd issue)


Though most people regard the relevancy of thoroughbred horses in horse breeding as it can not be brushed aside, but somehow breeders prefer if thorougbreds are used by somebody else. They cede that thorougbreds are indispensable since it delivers organizational substance, intelligence, performance and in addition new blood – but to cover with a thoroughbred? …”



4708 Hand


4708 Hand
3236.  Best Turn xx 
Sweet Clementine xx 
Miss Betty xx 
In the Clouds xx 
Kech 1318 Masetta xx 
Margarét xx 
1436 Jutka 


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