The typical reputation of the Furioso-North Star breed:

straight-lined and noble head
lank, sturdy and middle height joint neck
explicit axe-section
tall, long-drawn and sturdy withers
tight-knit, short or middle long-drawn back and loins (sometimes in a small compass carp-loins)
sturdy bowler or ovoidal croup
profound and rather wide thorax
long, wide and slant scapula
wide and sturdy brisket
clean legs
regular formation of the legs (small-scale „frenchness” is a wonted thoroughbred legacy)
hard hoof
its walk and trotting gathers ground, its gallop is vigorous

By means of its showy exterior, very good upper line and more perfect formation of the legs than the thoroughbred horses it is cut out for being a saddle-horse, furthermore its heavy body weight, robustic organism and strong bone structure authorized its agricultural utility in turn, therefore it spreaded in the whole country as an ennobling horse.

bobeCoat colour:

bay, dark bay, sometimes yellow


Height at withers:
stick measure: 160-162cm,
tape measure: 166-170 cm
chest meaurement: 188-190 cm
shin circumference: 19.5-20 cm
trunk length: 162 cm
body weight: 550kg

The history of the breed may be seen at the homepage of the National Horse Breeder Association of Furioso North Star: www.furiosonorthstar.hu