We raise horse-types that live on the sod of Hódmezővásárhely which ones grown up through decades and centuries to be esquire and prominent makeup breed which nowadays belongs to the traditional hungarian breed and inside this largely endangered species (elder ones name Furioso North Star to half-breed of Mezőhegyes). We configured the stock of stud in Kéktó the way that the genome of them be susceptible to become the parents of new generations either being pure-bred or with ennobling confluence. For that reason no breed-divergent species with higher gene quota can get among the stallions having sire-charges. Mares have superior role in copulaiton by reason of maternal effect. This rate plummet external and internal features of foals can be anticipated by the known families of mares.

” For the true breeder it might be its dearest labour – either of all – maturation of its copulation plans. Only well-founded curing, extensive monitoring and valuation of our sires, sufficient genetic approach, knowledge of procession of inheritance of features and their correspondence of inheritance and all in one taken into coupling work can result in good copulation.”

Breeding value of our stud is given by its strain – mares stem from aboriginal families of mares (such as Böbe, Hórus, Andi) – besides exterior value – exhibition medallists, winners of blue ribbon (such as Tigris, Mázli, Méry), as well as the biggest value by us their internal plummet – utility and willing to work. (Our horses (such as: Julcsa, Tigris, Fukar, Böbe and Formás) perform expeditiously and and exceedengly in different branches of horse-racing.)


Our mares:


She is progeny of mares family number 1 in Mezőhegyes. She is one of the most robust and deep-chested mares of the breed. In her family there are well-known steeplechaser and hurdler horses such as her dam “Böbe Baba” and her motherly half-sister “Klárika”.



Born: 1978 (43 years old)
Colour: dark bay

She is class “B”, bay brown mare of 1978 – bottom line she has Arabian blood accordingly being from landrace of Hódmezővásárhely[…]