This year the Csongrád County Show-Jumping finals were organised in Makó on 17-18 September where our horses performed excellently. They have the glory in the following results:

Adult finals (R125)

Csaba Székely was the silver medalist in the saddle of Furioso-106 „Jázmin”. „Jázmin” is our 10 year old furioso – north star mare, her sire is Furioso XL tm., dam line sire is Masetta xx.

furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-01 furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-02

Debutant horses finals (R100)

This year in this event our young colt, Furioso XLIII-144 „Lord of the Sense (e. Flúgos)” competed with his rider Csaba Székely. On the first day they took the lead with 8,0 style scores, and on Sunday their course also was evaluated to a high 7,9 style score. „Lord” is a 4 year old qualified colt, his sire is Furioso XLIII tm., dam line grand sire is Viesbaden ox.

furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-04 furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-05

Junior finals (R115)

Eszter Nagypál was the bronze medalist with her horse Ramzes Furioso I-158 „Remény” played for the Hódmezővásárhely Horse Club. „Remény” is a 10 year old furioso – north star mare, her sire is Ramses Furioso I, dam line grand sire is Furioso XXVI tm., breeder is Tibor Nagypál. The dam of „Remény”, „Rendes” – who educates her foal in the grassland of our stud at present – was breeded by the owner of our stud.


Our riders who also got into the Junior finals from our stud are: Anna Heller Szabó in the saddle of  Furioso-67 „Tini” and Kata Fejes with our stallion Furioso-84 „Iszony” (Furioso XLVII tm.) and Kitty Jáksó with her furioso mare called „Daisy” (Abádszalók-5 x Szentes Furios-6), rider of the Sarkalyi LSE.

furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-07 furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-08

Debutant riders finals (R100)

Our more experienced riders regularly boost the success of our junior riders. This year Alexandra Nagy won the bronze medal of the championship in the saddle of Hand Furioso-87 „Tangó”. „Tangó” is a 9 year old mare, her sire is Hand, dam line grand sire is Furioso XII.


Team championship (R110)

Two teams of the Kéktói Ménes SE started in this event. The Kéktó I. team won silver medal and the Kéktó II. team won the bronze medal.

furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-10 furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-11

Kitti Jáksó was member of the Kéktó I. team with her furioso mare „Daisy” (Abádszalók-5 x Szentes Furios-6). Anna Sebők was the member of the Kéktó II. team with her furioso gelding „Mázli” (Hódmezővásárhely The Bart x Furioso VI-9) and she also competed for the third place. Csaba Székely also participated in the team championship from our stud in the saddle of Hand North Star-88 „Balett” and helped his team with a perfect course.

furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-12 furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-13 furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-14

Aside from the events of the championship open events were also organised in which our riders got the following results:

R90: Csilla Juhász and Furioso XLVII-29 „Tréfa” gained the 5th place on Saturday and the 3rd place on Sunday. „ Tréfa” is a 4 year old qualified colt, his sire is Furioso XLVII tm.and the dam line grand sire is Hand.

furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-15 furioso-lovak-a-csongrad-megyei-dijugrato-donton-16

Debutant riders: Csilla Juhász and Hand North Star-88 „Balett” gained the silver medal on the first day and the bronze medal on the second day.

R100: Anna Heller Szabó and Furioso-67 „Tini” was the 4th place winner on Saturday and the third place winner on Sunday. „Tini” is a 7 year old mare, her sire is Furioso XIII-81 „Hórus Formás”, dam line grand sire is Ishamo xx.

We are very proud of our riders and horses who plead for the furioso – north star breed with those great achievements. Special thanks to the breeders, owners, coaches and helpers whom without it could not take place. Henceforward we wish effective work and successful racing to everyone!


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